Nurturing a Godly heart and mind to create, inspire and serve humanity.


To provide an unparalleled environment where skills and discipline are built and nurtured for the transformation of self, immediate community, and the world at large.

Head of School

Our Approach to Teaching and Learning

Innovation and teaching strategies are consistently reviewed to bring the best out of pupils. The Christ Church school’s approach is a well-crafted programme that utilises teaching techniques, innovation in teaching and learning, technology and strategies to ensure the best outcome in learning.

This approach also ensure that children and young persons have a broader scope to acquire skills, knowledge and processes.

Discussions, role play, research, simulations and various forms of teaching and learning strategies are employed to maximise outcome. It is always about broadening the scope and providing the learner with more options to acquire skills and knowledge.

These processes are assessed and evaluated by our team of teaching and learning experts to ensure our strategies consistently improve to benefit the learner.


An excellent academic programme in our belief, does transcend impressive academic results. Our benchmark in academic excellence, among other things, include a child or young person who is confident in expressing views and ideas, capable of analysing complex text, has the ability to contextualise, innovate and create. It is a programme designed to inspire and cause children and young persons to aspire.

It is a well-crafted programme that develops pupils’ ability to analyse, think critically, contextualise, reason, solve problems, and identify patterns in simple and complex situations . It is about nurturing a mindset that seeks to thrive in any learning context and enjoy learning for its own sake. In developing our programme, extensive literature on teaching and learning have been reviewed and we have assessed what will work in our environment.

Developing pupils’ ability to analyse, think critically, contextualise, reason, solve problems, and identify patterns in simple and complex situations are interwoven into all aspects of our teaching and learning programme.

The Christ Church School way is a system that emphasises cross-curricular link and explores alternatives to the abstract. It is a system that explores the kinaesthetic and or tactile, the visual and auditory, as well as the concrete and pictorial aspects of how learners develop their skills. Optimising the child’s senses to ensure he/she acquires the relevant skills is our priority.

Assessment including examination has been designed primarily to enquire how much pupils have acquired over a period. It runs throughout the term and academic year and will not necessarily restrict itself to an end of term programme in most cases.
Where there is a need to wait till the end of term to assess pupils, the school will do that. However, in most cases, pupils will be assessed when the skills, knowledge and processes to be acquired have been well developed.
These assessments will include presentations (dramatization, demonstration, audio-visual presentation, practical activities among others)

We prioritise the acquisition of skills by learners. We consider the content as an important tool to equip our pupils with the skills they require in all aspects of their development. Though content is very important, skill acquisition is the most essential ingredient in our effort to develop the child. Critical thinking, problem-solving, analysis and interpretation, teamwork, leadership, public speaking, technological literacy, awareness of global trends in social and economic developments, etc are very relevant aspects of the child’s development that is at the heart of the child’s development.

Academic success is very important, however making a child’s experience an amazing one requires an institution that carefully blends play and work. A wonderful educational experience places value on children’s experience in the classroom without sacrificing what goes on outside it. The Christ Church School experience has been designed to ensure that children benefit from their interactions and activities outside the classroom. The world outside the classroom comes with limitless opportunities and challenges. A well-structured programme that respects outdoor activities significantly impacts on skill acquisition of children and young persons.

Activities are carefully selected to give children and young persons experiences they will cherish and value for life. The school encourages children to engage in a wide range of sporting activities. The co-curricular activities have been designed to develop teamwork, confidence, leadership and grit among others.

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